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Longboat Key has a lot to offer, however the close proximity to the water does bring certain challenges along the benefits. Water, along with our soil conditions, can cause structures to move upward or downward due to a loose general consistency. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see foundation repairs needed from cracks and/or other related issues in both residential and commercial properties throughout the Longboat Key area.

Helical Foundations of Florida is your foundation repair expert in Longboat Key and the greater Southwest Florida area. Structures that were once thought to have lost their value due to settlement may now be salvaged. As a result, the asset value returns to a marketable condition and cash flows of a real estate investment can resume or be created. We can help make the cost of foundation repair far more economical than removing the structure, repairing the soils and rebuilding. Contact us today for immediate assistance on evaluating your property.

Common Signs of Foundation Issues In Longboat Key, FL

House with Warning Signs

A. Interior Wall Cracks

Cracks appearing in walls, especially over doorways, windows or where walls meet the ceiling are possible signs that foundation problems exist.

B. Leaning/Tilting Chimney

A leaning or tilting chimney can be the result of a shifting foundation.

C. Window/Doors That Stick, or Pull Away From Brick

There may be several reasons why doors and windows stick, but don’t rule out a sinking or settling foundation.

D. Exterior Wall Cracks

Small or fine exterior wall cracks are not uncommon, but large cracks with a zigzag pattern could be signs of a compromised foundation.

E. Cracked/Bowing Subterranean Walls

Small cracks in a subterranean wall may signal something minor, like improper drainage around the building, but moderate to large cracks, 1/8 wide or larger, could be indicating structural damage.

F. Foundation Wall Cracks

Small diagonal or vertical cracks are sometimes caused from concrete shrinking as it cures, however horizontal cracks are more serious and can lead to foundation failure.

G. Water Intrusion

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The Technology: WHAT Are Helical & Resistance Piles?

Helical and Resistance piles are galvanized steel piles that are attached to a building’s foundation, installed at intervals around the perimeter at the affected locations and screwed or driven down to competent soils to bypass the problematic soils causing movement to the existing structure.
example of a house with resistance piles


Helical and Resistance piles are typically the best solution to either stabilize or lift a residential or commercial structure. They are also used to retrofit a foundation to increase load requirements (e.g., to add a 2nd story addition) or to provide uplift resistance to hurricane force winds. 


Resistance pile – round shaft columns that resist with superior strength that resist buckling and can be installed in hard-to- access areas.

Helical pile – fast, efficient and affordably installed; the best solution for most applications.

Slab pile – support for existing interior and exterior slabs and walkways.

Grouted pull-down pile – is a helical anchor with a grouted shaft used to strengthen the pile from buckling due to very loose soil conditions.


Underpinning a settling structure allows one to retain or recapture an asset’s value through repair and remediation. Where a structure is thought to have lost its value due to settlement, it may now be salvaged. The asset value returns to a marketable condition and cash flows of a real estate investment can resume or be created. The cost of repair with an underpinning solution is almost always more economical than removing the structure, repairing the soils and rebuilding.

All underpinning materials are covered with a transferable 30 year material warranty.

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30 year transferable warranty

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