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change-instant-foundation system for light standards
Helical piles are fast, strong and reliable foundations for light standards, communication towers, guy-wires and civil elements like large pipelines or culverts.

Light Standard foundations using helical piles are usually installed in minutes and allow the electrician to follow immediately behind to complete the full installation.

Communication towers (cell phone towers) utilize both helical and resistance piles to provide a strong new foundation for both load and uplift or strengthen existing foundations when additional load is attached to the tower. The piles can be installed in remote locations where access to power is limited.

Helical piles can be used to support large plumbing or drainage components such as pipe lines, culverts, collection boxes . . . that are required in areas where there may be poor soils or poor access to allow for a conventional concrete foundation. The installation process is fast, can be built upon immediately after installation and also provide uplift resistance from ground water, flood waters and wind.


  • Installed in remote locations
  • Installed where power isn’t available
  • Installed through poor soils, flood-prone areas or wetlands
  • Fast, long-lasting and reliable
  • Galvanized and further protected with sacrificial anodes
All underpinning materials are covered with a transferable 30 year material warranty.
30 year transferable warranty

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