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Helical Tiebacks can be utilized for new seawalls or repairing existing seawalls. Helical Tiebacks provide superior strength and adaptability for anchoring and reinforcing new and existing seawalls where concrete deadmen are failing or not feasible. Tie backs can be installed on a batter (angle) to navigate around existing structures such as pools and building foundations and the installation process minimizes any damage created to lawns or gardens. A sacrificial anode can be incorporated into the installation to provide additional life to the piling system.
helical tie back in section


Helical Anchors are excellent solutions for moorings and pilings especially in sensitive environments where disruption of the seabed must be minimized. Each anchor can be designed to adapt to existing conditions and can be fabricated to extend anchor life from corrosion.


  • Can be installed beneath existing structures
  • Can be installed in limited-access areas
  • Can be designed site specific for existing conditions and intended loads
  • Can be proof-tested and immediately loaded
  • Can be easily and quickly removed, if necessary
  • Life span can be increased indefinitely with a sacrificial anode
  • No impact to the environment or surrounding area
seawall wood piling
This picture shows an effort by the owner to stop the outward rotation of the bottom of the seawall panels with the wood pilings.
seawall tiebacks failure
This picture shows failure of the tiebacks, concrete seawall cap and concrete seawall panels. The top of the wall is rotating outward indicating the tiebacks have failed. The concrete cap at the bottom left of the image has started to break apart. Tapping on the top of the slab above the seawall cap indicates a void exists which is probably due to the migration of soils through the concrete seawall panels, meaning the panels are failing.
seawall before after new vinyl
Before and after pictures of a new vinyl seawall with concrete cap and slab. All the reinforcing is epoxy-coated to ensure a long life. The concrete is 5000 psi at 28 days and is sealed after curing. The cap and slab have been elevated to adjust for rising seawater.
Fast, reliable and affordable foundation solutions with a transferable 30 year warranty.
30 year transferable warranty

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