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brigde and river
The principles underlying the Chance Instant Foundation System have been in use for more than 150 years. The system has proven most economical in sensitive soils and difficult terrain or where a high water table prevents access or pouring of footings. Installation of the helical piles is fast, can be built upon immediately and also provides uplift resistance to structure influenced by high tides or flood waters.

Helical piles prevent the bridge, walkway or boardwalk from undulation, can be rebuilt upon after the timber elements have become worn and are made to withstand the effects of corrosion through galvanization and sacrificial anodes.
brigde and river


  • No soil excavation
  • Minimal impact on surrounding vegetation
  • Installation in limited-access areas
  • Transfers loads to competent bearing strata below weak soils and mud line
Fast, reliable and affordable foundation solutions with a transferable 30 year warranty.
30 year transferable warranty

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