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Southwest Florida is one of the most rapidly growing and diverse regions of our country. It continues to experience amazing growth and development. As this area grows you see more construction and development of residential and commercial waterfront properties.

More and more homes are being built on the highly sought-after and beautiful shorelines of our coastal waters. With construction and development on the beachfront, bayfront, and canal front, a new property owner will have to not only focus on their land structure but also pay close attention to protecting their property from coastal erosion, storm surge, and wave action over a period of time with the construction of a seawall.

What is the Purpose of a Seawall?

A seawall is a barrier to the ocean or body of water. It is a wall that is built to protect a waterfront property and is usually built along the shoreline. A seawall is typically built as a coastal defense, and typically extends from the low water level of the low tide to the high water level of the high tide.

Seawalls are the primary structure that prevents storm surge from reaching the shoreline. In some cases, seawalls will also serve as a breakwater to protect the shoreline from waves. The seawall is one of the most widely used structures that aims at protecting the coast from the effects of erosion and wave attack.

How Does a Seawall Work?

We all know the seabed is constantly moving, so it makes sense to be concerned about what happens when the land underneath our feet starts moving. This is known as coastal erosion, and the effects can be dramatic.

The seawall is essentially a man-made barrier wall that prevents erosion by blocking waves from hitting the coastline which stops water from entering properties or the community. Seawalls are also used as a method of shoreline stabilization. A shoreline armoring from wave energy, the flow of sand, storm conditions, as well as the dreaded superstorm. A seawall is an important part of any coastal protection plan.
Why Should I Build a Seawall?
There are many reasons why building a seawall should be considered for your home. Some of these include:
  • Protecting your house from flooding
  • Preventing erosion
  • Protecting against storm surges
  • Providing stability to your property
  • Reducing the cost of maintaining your property
  • Improving the appearance of your property
  • Increasing the value of your property

What is the Best Type of Seawall?

There are a number of different types of seawalls, at Helical Foundations we are experts in the seawall construction industry and are ready to evaluate your seawall project. With our top-notch construction materials, we can build stronger seawalls and create a protective structure for your waterfront property.

Our Helical Tiebacks can be utilized for new seawalls or repairing existing seawalls. Helical Tiebacks provide superior strength and adaptability for anchoring and reinforcing new seawalls where concrete deadmen are not feasible. A sacrificial anode can also be incorporated into the installation to provide additional life to the piling system.

Other seawall materials include Helical Anchors which are also an excellent solution for moorings and pilings especially in sensitive environments where disruption of the seabed must be minimized. Each anchor can be designed to adapt to existing conditions and can be fabricated to extend anchor life from corrosion.

How Long Will a Seawall Last?

With the proper attention and maintenance seawalls can last for many many years. Like anything else as a property owner, it is important to maintain your seawall to prevent any additional erosion of your shoreline property from everyday waves. Keeping up with seawall repairs will protect you from the construction cost of a full wall replacement.

At Helical Foundations we are so confident with the quality, stability, and strength of our products that we offer a 30-year transferrable warranty on those products.

At Helical Foundations not only are we ready to address your new seawall construction options, but we are also very sensitive to the concerns of our customers. We will design the best type of seawall that fits your needs while maintaining quality, strength, and aesthetics. Contact us today to discuss the best seawall solution for your current seawall project.

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