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As a property owner, it is important to "keep up with the up-keep" of your property whether it be residential or commercial. In doing so, it is imperative for owners of seaside properties to not neglect their seawalls. Soil erosion from an old damaged seawall could cause catastrophic damage to your entire property. At Helical Foundations we specialize in advanced seawall repair solutions. We are industry experts, our professional team is ready to address all of your concerns on seawall failure.

How do you know if your seawall needs repair?

When must you repair your seawall? It's not something you should wait to do until you have problems, or until it's destroyed. Seawalls are an important part of your beach area - if your seawall is damaged, it affects your property, your view, your safety, and much more. Seawalls are subject to erosion, which leads to increased sedimentation, which leads to problems with erosion.

Quite often seawall damage is visible, such as cracks or crumbling, exposed rebar, the seawall cap may bow outward, or the bottom of the seawall panels may be toed outward. Other forms of damage, including water getting behind or under the wall which causes erosion may not be visible at first. As time goes by and the problem increases, you may see a change in the drainage of land, causing erosion voids which are dangerous environmental conditions that can cause unstable soil and greatly affect the safety of your property. The outflow of soil due to tidal flows can cause structural damage to your entire property.

Can a Seawall be Repaired?

Whether it be damage to your seawall from natural forces over time or sudden damage from bad weather conditions or flood water, Helical Foundations has the expertise to offer custom seawall solutions. Wall structure will be evaluated and repair feasibility assessed.

Beginning with a comprehensive seawall inspection of your entire wall, then the diagnosis of seawall problems, to the actual repair of the damage to seawall structures, Helical Foundations is ready to provide a comprehensive repair for your waterfront property.

With the use of Helical Tiebacks, repairs can be completed offering superior strength and reinforcement. Helical Anchors are a prime solution for seawall repair, especially for moorings and pilings, and in areas where the seabed must only be minimally disturbed. A huge benefit of these is that they can be installed beneath existing structures as well as in limited-access areas. Helical Anchors are designed site-specific for existing conditions and intended loads.

How Long Does a Seawall Last?

With the proper attention and maintenance seawalls can last for many many years. The most important piece of this is to "keep up with the upkeep". Maintaining the integrity of your seawall will save you the cost of wall replacement, in addition to all of the impacts of erosion on your property.

Is there a permanent solution to seawall damage? Unfortunately, there is not a permanent solution, but at Helical Foundations we are so confident with the quality, stability, and strength of our products that we offer a 30-year transferrable warranty on those products.

At Helical Foundations not only are we ready to address your seawall repair options, but we are also very sensitive to the concerns of our customers. We will develop the best solution that fits their needs while maintaining quality, strength, and aesthetics. Contact us today to discuss the best seawall solution for your current seawall.

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