Foundation & Seawall Repair Solutions

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Foundation Solutions

Where a structure is thought to have lost its value due to settlement, it may now be salvaged. The asset value returns to a marketable condition and cash flows of a real estate investment can resume or be created. The cost of repair with an underpinning solution is almost always more economical than removing the structure, repairing the soils and rebuilding.

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Seawall Repair Solutions

Strong seawalls designed for our changing environment.

We are a design/build contractor specializing in the installation of seawalls in consideration of site-specific conditions and concerns. Our process begins with determining the owner’s needs, providing a design by a FL licensed structural engineer, obtaining the necessary permits, and installing the design to specifications and code. Our goal is to provide shoreline protection and aesthetic features to the extent the owner desires.

Signs That You May Need a New Seawall:

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Multiple cracks in the seawall cap and/or spalled concrete areas with exposed rebar
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Erosion holes on the landward side of the seawall
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The seawall cap is no longer straight and bows outward
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The bottom of the seawall panels are toed outward

We understand how to interpret these conditions, determine the necessary scope of work and provide a comprehensive repair or replacement from diagnosis to completion. We are very sensitive to the concerns of our customers and develop the best solution that fits their needs while maintaining quality, strength and the aesthetic.

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